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If you are planning to move to a foreign country, you have to qualify for a residence permit. This document will grant you the right to seek employment, acquire properties, and set up businesses for a certain period of time legally. In other words, it’s a status that will allow you to start all over again. At, we can help you obtain your permit of residence so that you enjoy an extended stay in the country you want. Please note that not all countries have permanent residency systems. In such a case, your best option would be the status of a temporary resident.

Buy Real & Registered Permanent Residence Permit

A residence permit is a document that provides a foreigner the right to live in another country. After receiving your residence permit, you are legally authorized to reside in another country either permanent or for a short period of time. If you’re in need of a residence permit but you don’t have enough time to apply and wait for the residence permit, then contact us, we will process your application for a residence permit in less than no time and fast shipping and discrete packaging will keep your document safe until you receive them.

Buy Registered Canadian Permanent Residence Online

Do you want to be a permanent resident of Canada? We provide Canadian permanent residence that allows you staying and working anywhere in Canada for any time span. Once you’ve the residence permit for Canada, you get the right to avail all social benefits that normal Canadians receive. With our strong connections with officials working in embassies of different countries, we are able to provide you genuine and authentic residence permit in no time that you can use anywhere. After living in Canada for a certain amount of time, you become eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. We help you at each step when you are in need of Canadian residence permit or Canadian VISA. We are the one stop solution to all your document related needs.

Buy registered German Permanent Residence Online

Buy Registered German permanent residence documents online. The Italian residence permit (German: Aufenthaltstitel) is a document issued to non-EU citizens living in Germany. Prior to 1 September 2011, residence permits and additional provisions were affixed to pages inside the passport (in sticker form). Today, residence permits are issued as ID-1 (credit card size) plastic cards and the additional provisions are printed on a separate sheet of paper(zusatzblatt zum aufenthaltstitel), so that residents have to possess up to three different documents: a passport from their country of citizenship, their residence permit, and the supplementary sheet (if applicable). Carrying passports and residence cards is only compulsory when crossing borders. We’ll provide a German Permanent Resident card with additional paper document, Buy Real and Fake Residence Permit Online,German VISA, German health insurance card, Buy Driver’s license Online (if required), Deutsch language test certificate and working permit.

Buy Registered UK Permanent Residence Online

The UK residence permit is a document required by a foreigner who wants to live in UK permanently. This permit car allows a foreigner to stay legally in United Kingdom. If you’re in hurry and want your UK residence permit, contact us, we will provide you UK Residence permit card, UK VISA, Driver’s license and work permit at fast track.

Get Your Green Card - Buy Registered United States (US) Permanent Residence Online

United States residence permit is also referred as Green Card, if you’re planning to acquire Green Card, contact us; we have years of experience in providing registered Green Card with fast turnaround time. All the information we take from you is kept confidential. With fast process, fast shipping, and discrete packaging, we help you meet your document related needs with peace of mind.

Buy Registered Italian Permanent Residence

Buy registered Italian permanent residence documents online. The Italian residence permit (Italian: Permesso di soggiorno) is a document required by non-EU nationals and valid for a limited period of time. There are several types of residence permit cards and most can be renewed. They can be issued for the first 5 years of residence in Italy. Obtaining a residence permit in Italy is a very interesting destination for entrepreneurs and individuals who want to have free access to the EU. In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for non-EU individuals (especially from certain jurisdictions in Asia, from India, Iran, and the Middle-East) to obtain entry visas and residence permits in the EU. However, foreign peoples can still apply for Italian residence permits if they comply with certain regulations. We can offer our clients several ways to obtain a resident permit in Italy and Buy Real and Fake Residence Permit Online. The following types of residence permits can be registered: Residence permit for adoption; Residence permit for waiting occupation; Residence permit for expected repurchase citizenship; Residence permit for political renewal; Residence card for foreigners; Residence permit for family reasons; Residence permit for self-employment; Residence permit for subordinate work; Residence permit for scientific research; Residence permit for study; Residence permit for professional training Internship; Residence permit for tourism. Buy Real and Fake Residence permit Online We’ll provide the Italian residence card, Italian VISA, health insurance card(Tessera Sanitaria), Tax card(Codice fiscale) and Italian driver’s licence(if required). You can find all necessary information to place an order for documents below: Your surname: Your given names: Your sex (M or F): Your date of birth: Your place of birth (city and country): Your passport number: Your address (optional): Your photo in digital format (color, white background, high resolution): Written signature in digital format (black ink, white background, high resolution): Any additional information (Height, Weight, Color of eyes): Please fill in the form above and attach required pictures and send the e-mail to to proceed with your order.

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